Dinh Van Vui - a massive success from legend land

“…effort to learn and work, not discouraged… and always chasing your dreams with passion .”

There, The legend land of bygone days told about one after another 7 girls passed away in mutual dragon age at the fresh and pure stream, that’s reason why the local people call “ Suoi Tien” ( Fairy Stream)… Nowadays, this land became a famous cultural tourist attraction not only in home but also abroad . The gate of Vietnam Record Information talked to Mr. Dinh Van Vui- Chairman of Suoi Tien Amusement Park.


To achieve great success, you had gone through the mill and left an unforettable landmark. What is your special lanmarksabout turning-point in your life?

From 1987, I left my hometown - Soc Trang province came to “Suoi Tien” in which is located at Tan Nhon Ward, Tan Phu commune, Thu Duc District (District 9) about from 19km Ho Chi Minh City and starting to fresh ground to break.

At the beginning of the days building new farm, I and six collaborators detected an underground water erupting. It was very strange thing. After researching what it is,  I realized that is a underground stream. The legend land of bygone days told about one after another 7 girls passed away in mutual dragon age at the fresh and pure stream, that’s reason why the local people call “ Suoi Tien” ( Fairy Stream). Suddenly I had a indescribable emotion, premonition like a match ordained by heaven and encouraged me so fierce: “I had to wake this land up; I have to do something in this legend land”… The idea of bulding Tourist area in this land take shape in my mind, but how can I do it with limited capital and unclear mechanism

  With determine on doing the dream come true, I and some of  collaborators coordinate to construct Suoi Tien farm. The farm’s initial square is only 6.600m2 of fallow and only small python’s farm. At the beginning 1992, Suoi Tien Amusement Park project was in its embryonic stage, articles of construction take turn appearance.

On the September 2nd 1995, Suoi Tien Amusement Park was officially opened. This is a unforgettable landmark for the development of  Suoi Tien Amusement Park and becoming a famous brand now.

What is your first job? How can you business in tourism?

My first job was to set up a farm with raising and exporting python based on the modern industry under CITES investigation and supervise. People called “ Suoi Tien Golden Python Farm”. Beside, I planted a fruit-trees such as: longan, papaya,… using short-term goal as stepping-stones towards achieving long-term plan, I established one more exporting sawn timber shop, made an advanced fine arts for export that being trust by foreign customer.

I'm determined to do my best. Always thinking about smouldering attention in my mind to carry out high caliber Amusement Park in this land. I noticed with deep concern that limited capital and orient how amusement park could create cachet on their own, Vietnamese cachet. It’s rest on a sound basis of Vietnamese history to serve people.

If we take a look in list of destination tourism, entertainment, apart from  Suoi Tien amusement park we have a many choices, so what is the special thing for tourist come to Suoi Tien Amusement Park like the best choice?

Over through 19 years took shape and developed, the projects entertainment, amusement were built as modern thing but we are always individual theme in Suoi Tien: spirit culture and national culture. Suoi Tien Amusement Park with principal theme is “turn back national culture origin”. Base on that, we created many huge projects, unique, significant enrichment, introductory tourism. That mean proud of our nation, pride of child of the fairy and the dragon. This is the most special thing for tourist choose destination tourism beside others place.

Suoi Tien became a leading tourist company in Vietnam, by that time we have assertedposition in region and the world:

-          1 of 12 the world’s most beautiful theme park by website www.thetracelerzone.com (2008)

-          1 of 7 the world’s most unique theme park by BBC magazine-United Kingdom’s trust and reputation magazine (2012)

-          Gold cup –International star quality award (2009- in Paris- France)

-          Platinum cup –International star quality award ( 2010- in Paris- France)

-          Diamond cup –International star quality award ( 2012- in Paris- France)

-          1 in 8 the world’s most interesting park by Hello Giggles pick and summary (6/2014)

-          Top 100 famous brand of Asean(9/2014)

What are Suoi Tien criterion service and themed entertainment chasing?

Suoi Tien’s serving criterionis ( chưa dịch). The theme is “turn back national culture origin- spirit culture-4 seasons”.

What is Suoi Tien’s the most of effective value? How will company’s orientation in future, sir?

That is the value of traditional Vietnam’s national culture, culture spirituality value and the best quality service…this thing proved that through many national and international trust awardsthrough take shape and development. The motto “ always change-always develop” the Suoi Tien Amusement Park create annual 1 to 2 a new project entertainments to provide tourist’s demand more and more diversified.

Suoi Tien hold now 12 Vietnam of records, do you think of nurturing to get new records in future?

Mr. Dinh Van Vui: Suoi Tien is holding 12 Vietnam of Records. In future my nurturing that Suoi Tien will have new records and the records reach the world. The closest nurture is Suoi Tien Amusement Park’s square that hopping is a new record about Vietnam’s biggest amusement area.

Social is more and more develop, the life standard of living is higher that entertainment demand is also more higher, therefore, an industrial entertainment sector always attractive, so what have Suoi Tien’s “tactics” been doing for attractive tourist?

Mr. Dinh Van Vui: anytime tourist coming to Suoi Tien Amusement Park, the tourist will see many entertainment works always new investment, many project renovated, fresh and clean part. The performs program always change in order to make a strange feeling and attempt. The staff are always trained communication, behavior and service quality these can always take a notice. An ideas and learning are always motivate me to create a new things and unique in Suoi Tien: theme park-spirit culture and national culture.

What do you think about Vietnam’s position in region and the world?

Vietnam ranked third national ( after Indonesia, Philippines) and 4th square (after Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand); having a number of international invicible heritages but the tourism ranked 5th about visitor and 6th avenue. Vietnam’s entertainment field can not compare  with top countries as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore. We have to attempt to synchronization that Suoi Tien is leading catch up with others in short time.

What have your company been doing for community?

Ghost Holiday was organized very solemn in Long Hoa Thien Bao with present of over 1.000 monks, nun and Buddhist, tourist. A buffet vegetarian celebration with 8 dishes “Bat Tien qua hai” for free to all of tourist with a number record from 8.000 to 15.000 people per day; that was a “bữa cơm hiếu nghĩa” respond a tourist’s heart. In a Ghost Festival season, Suoi Tien’s hundred rice metric ton gave to poor people in Ho Chi Minh City, provinces and countryside. An expenditure organization cost 5 billion in annual Ghost festival.

The Vietnam of Records:

-          Ghost Festival: the biggest Ghost festival (2007)

-          Vegetarian buffet: Ghost festival had the biggest people joined (2008)

-          Festive day “Thien Tam Nhan Ai”- handicap’s camping festival on occasion of Handicap’s international day(March 2007). Yearly, by the time Suoi Tien organized to over 10.000 handicap and poor children came to Suoi Tien entertained, exchanged, reunited in take caring of, sympathy and response of all community and they joined a buffet party for free.

-          Buffet party on occasion of Thien Tam Nhan Ai festive day (handicap’s festive day): having biggest handicap joined(2007)

-          Hung King’s the day of the dead festival organized annual with Hung King Vi Hanh Mien Dat Tu Linh theme. We organized and attracted a thousand Ho Chi Minh City citizen and other provinces through 19 years who turned back and commemorated Hung King’s merit. Having over 2.000 actors and actress represent to 54 brotherly ethnic come from along country that reappeared found the country period of Hung King’s dynasty.

-          South’s fruit festival was organized on occasion of Double five festival and International children’s day from 1996. In 2004, this festival was officially became to HCMC’s annual tourism event which was organized in yearly by Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism combined to Suoi Tien Amusement Park. The festival took place within summer season with a lot programs: floating fruit market, fruit art, the parade of : “a hundred fruit of 4 season fairy festival”, the South’s fruit with 30 items good taste and strange were cooked by fruit.

-          South’s fruit festival “have many largest fruit piece of works and the festival had many greatest species” (2011).

On the occasion of Mid-Autumn festival, Day for Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers, Vietnamese Teacher’s Day…also have giving presents and services for free. Those have not include remission for beneficiary of social welfare, student, scholarship for a staff’s children… Suoi Tien’s total of expenditure for activities to community annual estimated about 8 billion dong.

What is your others passion beside business?

I love to read research book about medicinal herbs, plant. I like to join entertainment technology of international exhibition and visit famous amusement area to sump experience up, learn a good and strange things to apply for Suoi Tien amusement park.

Could you share me about your family?

I had 5 children who have been hard working that help me in Suoi Tien amusement Park’s activities and other investment project. My youngest daughter is studying abroad in America. Beside the successful occupation of mine, I had a good wife, look after, accompany, sharing and supporting me in works.

What are your advices for young generation?

Always effort to studying and work, have not discouraged yet, chase to dream with passion.

Thank you very much.

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